Spice up your next meal with our great-tasting herbs and sprouts.

Cilantro Herb

Alō Cilantro Herb

Standard Cilantro. 

Rosemary Herb

Alō Rosemary Herb

A delightful pine-scented aroma. Rosemary is used in a wide variety of culinary dishes. 

Alō Amethyst Basil

Alō Amethyst Basil

A stunning purple Genovese-type basil.

Sweet Thai Basil

Alō Sweet Thai Basil

Authentic Thai basil flavor. The green long leaves have a spicy, anise/clove flavor. A flavorful garnish in sweet dishes

Alō Sweet Genovese Basil

Alō Sweet Genovese Basil

Delicious fragrance with dark-green leaves. 

Onion Sprouts

Alō Onion Sprouts

Mild onion flavor.

A meal with herbs and sprouts is full of flavor.

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