Rich in flavor and freshness, our microgreens leave a lasting impression.

Alfalfa Microgreen

Alō Alfalfa Microgreen

A mild, nutty flavor. Often used to add flavor and texture to salads and sandwiches. 

Arugula Microgreen

Alō Arugula Microgreen

Purple stems and dark-green leaves bring a spicy, nutty flavor to this microgreen. 

Dandelion Red Microgreen

Alō Dandelion Red Microgreen

 A microgreen with a mildly bitter flavor. Leaf's appearance is narrow and green with a pink vein. 

Basildark Opal Microgreen

Alō Basildark Opal Microgreen

A robust, sweet-and-spicy flavor. This microgreen is often found in Asian dishes. It is also used to add visual interest to summery cocktails and makes a colorful dessert garnish. 


Alō Cucumber Microgreen

Broad, thick green leaves with a delicious mild cucumber flavor. 

Broccoli Microgreen

Alō Broccoli Microgreen

 A mild broccoli flavor with dark green leaves and long stems. 

Cilantro Microgreen

Alō Cilantro Microgreen

Bright, citrusy flavor.  A pleasant flavor component in fish and seafood dishes. Often used in Mexican, Asian, and fusion cuisine.

Citrus Basil Microgreen

Alō Citrus Basil Microgreen

A delicious spicy lemon flavor. This basil is used in dishes that want both basil flavor and a touch of zest. A common ingredient in Asian dishes.  

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Alō Spinach Microgreen

 A spinach-like flavor that brings a gentle color contrast to any dish. 

Red Amaranth Microgreen

Alō Red Amaranth Microgreen

Mild, earthy flavor and unique red color. 

Red Cabbage Microgreen

Alō Red Cabbage Microgreen

Glossy dark-green leaves with purple vein and leaf margin. 

Scallion Microgreen

Alō Scallion Microgreen

Mild onion flavor with green, thread-like leaves. 

Watercress Microgreen

Alō Watercress Microgreen

A nutritious gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable. 

Alō Microgreen Power Salad

Alō Power Salad Microgreens

An assortment of microgreens. Delicious flavor and texture. 

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Alō Microgreen Cucumber Salad

Microgreens mixed with cucumbers.

Great tasting mighty microgreens.

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